Sod Farm Serving Morgantown WV

Sod Farm Offering Sod Sales & Installation to Morgantown, West Virgina

Attention Morgantown WV and Monongalia County WV, we are your local sod farm.   Lucas Landscaping & Turf Farm has been delivering sod to Morgantown, WV for the past 20 years.   We grow the finest sod available in Northern West Virginia at our sod farm based in Garrett County, Maryland.  We supply sod to contractors, builders and developers working on all sorts of projects including both commercial and residential uses.

Daniel Lucas (Landscape Architecture) and Matthew Lucas (Marketing) are both alumni of West Virginia University.


Sod Versus Seed

There are many reasons why sod from our sod farm will result in a more successful project for the contractor as well as the end-user. Lets take a look at the advantages below.

  • Our sod is certified for Quality by the State of Maryland, which has some of the strictest quality standards.
  • Winter Seasons can be cold in WV. Our sod is grown in a slightly colder climate. It is grown to withstand the cold winters.
  • Sod from our sod farm is grown completely weed free. Your lawn is perfect from the start.
  • Our sod is grown with a quality nutrient management program. You won’t find more dense and vigorous root systems ready to take hold.
  • Sod won’t wash out during a rain storm like seed, resulting in less worry and no call backs.
  • A good looking finished job with green grass will allow your customer to issue the final payment with confidence.
  • Should you need to patch or redo a specific area in the project. You can match it exactly.


Sod Specifications

Sod from our farm is cut utilizing a cutting edge Trebo AutoStack harvester. Our machine cuts, rolls and stacks each piece of sod on pallets. This machine ensures you get quality pieces that haven’t been ripped and abused by pallets stacked by hand. Individual pieces are 2 feet wide by 5 feet long. We sell and price our sod by the square yard. Each piece covers exactly 1.11 square yards in area. There are 80 pieces on a pallet total, but we only charge you for 78. This gives you (2) extra pieces for free to help with final touch ups, splices and corners. In total, a full pallet contains 88.8 square yards.

Our pallets contain 88.8 square yards but we only bill you for 78. This ensures you are getting the best deal available.

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