Spring Fertilization

Proper Spring Fertilization in Garrett County

Make sure to properly fertilize your lawn, shrubs and trees as the snow begins to melt this spring.  By providing a quick dose of the necessary nutrients, you will jump-start the growth, leaf density and flowering for your trees, shrubs and lawn.  The snow will melt into water which soaks down into the ground providing moisture to the root zone. During this process we recommend a dose of quick release fertilizer placed around the stem or tree trunk.  The water will help dissolve the fertilizer granuals thus soaking the nutrients directly into the soil (near root zone) at a relatively slow rate.  Below you will see our recommended quantities which vary based on plant type.

  • For shrubs: 4 cups of fertilizer each.
  • For deciduous trees: 6 cups of fertilizer each.
  • For evergreen trees: 5 cups of fertilizer each.
  • Utilize a walk-behind fertilizer spreader for lawn application: 50-100 lbs. depending on lawn size.

You can purchase a decent Earthway fertilizer spreader at Sams Agway in Oakland Maryland. They are located just down the street from Burger King in Oakland.


This article is about spring fertilization.  Timing of your fertilizer application is critical to taking advantage of the snow melt mentioned above.  The absolute best time to fertilize is the first day the snow has melted off. It is even acceptable to go ahead and fertilize when the snow has melted down to a thin 1/2″-1″ layer.  The goal is to supply the roots with nutrients at the earliest possible time. As soon as the weather breaks the nutrients will be absorbed by the roots and transmitted into lush green leaves and heavier flowering.

Fertilizers We Recommend

Fertilizer is composed of three primary ingredients listed on almost every bag of fertilizer in a three part notation like 10-10-10.  Simply put, the first number indicates the potency of the available Nitrogen.  The second number indicates the available phosphorous potency.  And finally the third number indicates the available potassium.  So what is the right combination for your lawn and landscape?  For general purpose use, we recommend a 10-10-10 fertilizer for use on all trees and shrubs.  For lawns, you will get a more vibrant effect if you go with a 19-19-19 fertilizer.  However, it is important to be mindful of piles or fertilizer applied too thick in one spot.  Piles of fertilizer will burn spots in the lawn from the nitrogen overdose.  When fertilizing a lawn, look down at the ground at the fertilizer particles.  The individual particles should be spaced relatively evenly 2-3″ apart.  This is considered a heavy dose and will do a great job of greening your lawn.  Finally, we recommend using a quick release agricultural grade fertilizer.  This is what we use on jobs. This fertilizer will dissolve quickly and allow for immediate nutrient uptake to boost spring growth.

How to Determine Actual Nutrient Content

Lets get a bit more detailed about the three nutrients contained in fertilizer.  Fist lets discuss how to figure out the exact weight of a specific nutrient.  For example, lets consider a 50 pound bag of 10-10-10 fertilizer. Simply take 50 lbs. X .10 to calculate the exact amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous or Potassium contained within the bag.  That is how you use the numbers on the bag.  If it was a bag of 19-19-19, you would multiply 50 x .19 to figure out the weight.  So a 50 pound bag of 10-10-10 will contain 5 pounds of each nutrient (5 lbs. of Nitrogen, 5 lbs. of Phosphorous and 5 lbs. of potassium).  The remainder of the bag is filler such as sand or limestone.

Fertilization Service

So what does it cost for us to come out and fertilize your landscape this spring?  Lets talk brass tax.  The fertilizer materials are purchased at cost (typically less than $100).  We make our money based on a 60/60 price scenario.  We charge a $60 delivery fee to get there and labor hours for fertilization are billed at $60 per man hour.  This labor rate is higher than the other services we provide to make up for the short quantity of labor hours it requires to apply fertilizer.  A typical lawn fertilization takes about 1 hour.  Tree and Shrub fertilization normally takes a little longer.  In some cases we encounter extremely large properties that are quite extensive in size.  Something like that will obviously take more time to complete.  We make sure to do a detail job and spend the time it takes to do it right.  Please call or text Daniel Lucas at 301-616-1743 or email at daniel@lucaslandscaping.com to arrange spring fertilization for your landscape in Garrett County, Maryland.  Fertilization will ensure you’re plants come out this year better looking than ever.

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