Norway Spruce Trees For Sale

We grow very nice Norway Spruce Trees in Maryland.

If you are looking for Norway Spruce trees anywhere in the eastern United States, we have some beautiful trees for you and we deliver!. Our trees are grown in Garrett County, Maryland and have been sheared annually since seedling planting. Our trees have dense branching and have been pruned once annually to maintain the perfect shape. If you are tired of looking at stressed trees sitting out at the local nursery, give us a call and we will dig them fresh for you with our dutchman tree spade.

Current Norway Spruce Availability & Sizes.

Right now February 2015, we have large quantities available in the 10-12 foot height range as well as a whole field full of beautiful 6 footers. Call Daniel Lucas (301) 616-1743 or email for more info, photos or to place your order.

Norway Spruce Delivery Service.

We sell our trees both wholesale for large orders and retail for homeowners. We have the capability to provide flatbed tractor trailer trucking and delivery of your trees. We can typically fit 40-50 trees on a flatbed. Our Norway Spruce are fresh dug and then installed into a 36″ wire basket with burlap and twine. Our small crew can dig and package a tractor trailer load in a day. If you need them fast, why wait? We can dig tomorrow and have the truck on the road within 2 days. We are detailed with our digging process and make sure each tree is handled with the utmost care.

Norway Spruce Characteristics

Norway Spruce is renowned for its deep saturated green color and toughness. This is a tree that was designed by god for extreme wind and weather tolerance. Strong branching won’t break in the snow like an Eastern White Pine. The Norway Spruce is the most disease resistant spruce tree currently growing in the United States. Norway Spruce grows quickly at a rate of 2 feet per year to a maximum height of around 70′ if left un-sheared. The Norway Spruce prefers full sun but will grow in light shade. Try and plan out a planting location that allows for room to grow. These trees have long been used in open fields and at property boundaries to provide the ultimate barrier and windscreen. The needles on the Norway Spruce are not as sharp as the Colorado Blue Spruce, but they are still sharp enough to prevent the majority of deer damage. Deer don’t like getting a bloody tongue.

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