Hot New Plants for 2015

Here are my most anticipated new plants for 2015 in Garrett County.

There are several new plants for 2105 worth trying out in your landscape. Lucas Landscaping & Turf Farm can get any of these for you. Keep an eye on our facebook page and we will let you know when we are going to get plants. We typically wait until we have a large enough order to make the trip to northern Ohio worthwhile. We will notify 7 days in advance on the facebook page. Now lets get into the plants.

Blue Kazoo Spirea

Spiraea media

Blue Kazoo Spirea is a brand new spirea selection from Proven Winners. Marketing materials bill the plant as having blue and purplish highlights. Size specifications are similar to your more common Spirea ‘Little Princess’ topping out at 2-3 feet and a similar width. Other characteristics include a reddish fall color which would be very nice if true. Find out more at the official Proven Winners page here. Expect to see this one available in big box garden centers like Lowes and Home Depot.

Kodiak Honeysuckle ‘Orange’ and ‘Black’

Diervilla X

Honeysuckle is experiencing a resurgence of sorts in recent years.  Proven Winners has cultivated varieties with green leaves and orange highlights as well as a variety with very dark (almost black) leaves.  I’ll be making a point to try both of these new plants this year.  Honeysuckle is something that I have not personally tested here for deer resistance, but from what I have read it is a fantastic deer proof selection. It would be worth giving one or two a shot in a heavy deer location to see how it holds up. It’s being heralded as a low maintenance alternative to burning bush (winged euonymus). The honeysuckle has the same amazing red fall color and grows a bit better in a shaded situation. Because I always like to design planting arrangements with contrasting heights, colors and textures, I am also interested in trying the black variety. Check out Kodiak Black over on the Proven Winners site here.  The black variety would sure make a bold statement and provide a vibrant contrast if planted with shorter green leaf shrub in front.

Bloomerang Lilac ‘Pink Perfume’

Syringa ‘Bloomerang Varieties’

The re-blooming lilac variations maybe shouldn’t be considered new plants, after all they have been on the market now for roughly 3 years. However, during that time, I’ve had the opportunity to do some testing with the plant in various conditions including highly deer infested lots at the top of Wisp Resort in Mchenry MD. For landscaping use this plant is amazing and I have renewed excitement to try the new cultivars such as ‘Pink Perfume’ and ‘Scent and Sensibility’. As a general note lilacs are traditionally known for their scent. The lilac is one of the most pungent plants that grow well in Garrett County (along with clethra). Plant these shrubs near a popular foot-traffic area to take advantage of the smell. In my experience the bloomerang lilacs have shown great resistance to deer. The first re-blooming lilacs I planted was on the job we did at 326 Mountain Top Road in the Deep Creek Highlands Subdivision. This is a major deer area. Most yards look like absolute hellish wasteland and contain very little plantings for that reason. However, the bloomerang lilacs haven’t really been bothered in that deer infested environment.

One thing I did learn about this plant (like many others) is that it really prefers a quality soil around the root zone.

I recommend using a full bag of BioMax 3in1 planting soil available in bags at Green Acres in Oakland as I’ve had the best success when customers spend the extra 10 bucks per plant to use good soil. The bloomerang lilac is a plant that won’t fill in properly in clay soils. When planting, dig your hole 3 times the size it needs to be and back-fill with a good planting medium. It will still live in clay soils, but it will look thin for years until the root system branches out and becomes strong enough. These are the little details that you need to pay attention to when planting. It’s not just a game of showing up and plopping them in the ground. Care needs to be taken with each type of plant… this is the difference between calling someone like us and the guy who cuts the grass doing it for half price.

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