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Surfaces For Your Landscape.

Today you have more choices than ever when deciding what material to use for your outdoor surface in Garrett County.  We install everything from natural stone to concrete pavers.  We are experienced builders when it comes to patio construction at Deep Creek Lake.  Below you will see some organized photo groups showing you a little of each type.  Our strength is Natural Irregular Flagstone.  Nobody comes close to what we have done with natural stone.  If you are willing to invest in the time it takes to do it right…. we can build you something that will last forever….and will never fade or discolor.   See the work we did in Gallatin Woods off of Lakeshore Drive.   There is no equal at Deep Creek Lake.

Natural Irregular Flagstone

Natural Stone surfaces are superior in every way including price.  The human race has been using natural stone in patio construction for thousands of years.  Unlike concrete, stone will tolerate ice melting salts in winter…year after year.  Natural Stone never fades or discolors and it has a longer track record than any other building material on earth.  The quality of natural stone surfaces is directly proportional to the time spent.  High quality work has tight joints and large (heavy) pieces.  Lesser work has larger gaps between stones and smaller pieces that heave and get easily kicked around.  Also consider the thickness of the flagstone.   Stone 1.5-2″ thick is suited for foot traffic.  Stone 3″ or more thick can handle vehicle traffic.   Our shining example is Gallatin Woods was built with 3″ thick stone with a 8″ compacted stone base beneath.   It is bulletproof.  Working with thicker stones adds time and difficulty to the project, but it can and has been done.  $50-$60 per square foot will get you in the right mindset for a showpiece job.  If the joints can be “widened” out to 4″ or so….the price comes down.

A Closer Look at Our Natural Flagstone for Patio Construction.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers have been the most popular material for patio construction at Deep Creek Lake in the past two decades.  Pavers ship easily on nice, uniform pallets and they are manufactured in a uniform thickness which makes installation quick.  Modern concrete paver design has improved by leaps and bounds over the old paver styles of the 1990s.   Concrete Pavers are now manufactured with stone looking textures and shapes that better mimic the style of natural stone with the ease of a paver install.   Please take a look at some of our past paver jobs below.  I really like the look when we mix contrasting colors and build out double borders on patios.  Too often I see the low bidder jobs where there is no border and the saw is used to just cut the line and call it done.   If you are considering a concrete paver job…. ask for the borders.  If you really want it cheap, we can go that route…but prefer not to.

$20 per square foot (in Oakland or at Deep Creek Lake) will get you into a nice mid-range paver with borders.   Use this number for rough estimating on your proposed patio.  The terrain and ease of access will also play a factor.   High-End decorative pavers run about $9-15 per square foot for the material alone (excluding trucking).   Obviously a top of the line paver will add cost to my number above.  If you need to be more economical… consider a basic pavestone holland paver (4″x8″) laid in a herringbone pattern.  It still looks amazing and will save you money.

Have you seen old paver jobs more than 10 years in age that look dingy and settled in spots?   If you want something that will look sharp for a lifetime….we have pioneered an installation method in which we install pavers ontop of a 3.5″ thick concrete welded wire mesh reinforced slab.  Using a concrete base has increased in popularity in recent years.  It works amazingly good for driveways.  So if you fear what you have seen in older patio construction jobs, go this route…..and I’ll guarantee it for life.

Pennsylvania Bluestone

We also install Bluestone if that is what you are looking for.  Natural Pennsyvania Bluestone can be obtained in irregular pieces or cut rectangles.  Bluestone is a common material for patio construction.   There are also some great-looking bluestone simulation products made from concrete available.  Offerings by the unilock paver company as well as the techo block company immediately come to mind.  The exact/consistent thickness of the concrete look-a-like products mean that they can be more easily installed over a concrete slab.  Here are some past Bluestone projects.